As a small (n=1) shop, Scrubjay can focus intently on delivering. In the past eight years, we’ve launched more than 140 projects

Here are a few of our favorites.

Fat Pencil Studio

Fat Pencil Studio is a small collection of brilliant visual storytellers. Their challenge is to describe to potential clients how they can use architectural and data visualizations in court (and elsewhere). We worked together to develop a deep content strategy, and then paired it with a compelling visual design and custom Django/Wagtail backend to produce this sharp website. Geek note: we migrated seven years of content from a Wordpress site with complex custom migrations!

Audubon Gift Site

We crafted an improved user experience for Audubon’s symbolic gift site — which also features real gifts like plush toys and binoculars. Visual design based on existing Audubon art direction. The result is visually appealing and easy to navigate. The site provides Audubon relevant merchandise without feeling like a sales pitch. Drupal 7 backend using Drupal Commerce. With Stagecoach Digital.

Helen’s Gifts

A new personalized concept in meaningful donations. Givers can select specific symbolic amounts and see its impact — for example, $130 funds two cataract surgeries. The gift recipient receives an eCard or printed card. We developed the site in Drupal 7 using Drupal Commerce. Sliders allowing donors to choose an amount was the most challenging part of the build, but the results are fluid and layered. With Stagecoach Digital.

Miradi is a complex conservation-management software platform developed by Sitka Technologies. We provide ongoing Django/Wagtail development and maintenance. In 2017 we implemented a new content strategy using StreamFields, an effective new CMS technique which allows non-techie administrators to develop rich content with minimal development support. With Sitka Technology

Patient-Centered CDS Refresh

We did a visual and content redesign by way of a “homepage refresh” for this Drupal site. We consulted on user experience direction, visual design, and frontend development. The result is a crisp, informative homepage that guides users to what they are looking for to provide patient support. With Squishy Media.

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette 2017 Reboot

A completely rebranded, rebuilt, and rebooted website for our longstanding client. We are especially proud this one. We upgraded to Drupal 8, creating a completely new content-first user experience. Rebuilt entirely from bottom-to-top, the site highlights current programs and specific opportunities for people to join the United Way community. We provide ongoing maintenance and small project support for United Way of the Columbia-Willamette. Art direction and design direction by Lenore Ooyevaar, content strategy by Megan Zabel-Holmes.

Cel Tower Records Visualization

Fat Pencil Studio provides compelling spatial visualizations for lawyers and public agencies. For this case, their client needed to visualize the complex movements of several people, as recorded by their phone calls and texts, using cel tower data subpoened from the phone companies. Such data are constrained in unusual ways. The actual content of the calls or texts isn’t recorded, and neither is the real location of the phone. But the cel company records what tower what pinged, at what time, what number was connected, and some other information about the connection. Scrubjay helped Fat Pencil Studio produce a Django + MapBox + D3 web mashup that they could use to explore those movements. An anonymized and simplified demo of the software we built is available at Click on a map dot to see its corresponding record on the table. Highlight a section in the timeline to see only the calls in that time slice. Longer calls have longer bars. Click the checkbox to highlight only specific calls. Note: this demonstration site uses anonymized data.

Saturday Academy Online Class Catalog

Although we prefer to work iteratively from protoypes, a smooth boxes-and-arrows user experience design project like this can yield excellent results. Saturday Academy needed to bring their PDFs-and-printouts class catalog online for a major user experience overhaul. With OMBU; visual design by Jansen Creative. 2016 Redesign

Redesign and Django/Wagtail-powered rebuild (from a previous Django site, which was itself migrated from a Drupal 6 site) for a client we’ve been with since the beginning. Paul designed their logo ten years ago! We utilized Wagtail CMS’s StreamFields feature to allow maximum design flexibility with minimum overhead. Check out the number of layouts and design features throughout the site — like icons, forms, image showcases and more. These are all editable without any extra development effort.

Oregon Metro News

Unusual for a government body, Oregon Metro is filling a void for local, townhall-style reporting. Their nature news has always been popular, and they’ve been adding original reportage for land use, transportation, and waste management issues. We strategized, architected, and designed a full user experience to leverage this unique and valuable asset. We’re especially proud of the rich long-form potential as evidenced in pieces like “You are here: A snapshot of Portland-area housing costs.” With OMBU.